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2022 Women's Apparel Sizing References

Sizing References

In many of the product descriptions, there are sizing charts. This will show you how the sizing works for that specific piece of clothing. It can say things like "True to size," "Runs small," or "Runs big." If you want to know how a general garment fits, look at the product measurements. The sizing breakdown here is based on standard US sizing that is used by a lot of popular and well-known US brands.

Understanding Fit on Women's Apparel

It's easy to see when you look at the product details page. We also include a product's fit on many items, if this information can be found. Not all clothes are made the same. When an item doesn't fit well, people think it's too big. On the other hand, an item that fits well might be too small. This is not true because many products are made to fit a certain way, so even if an item is meant to be big, it is still true to size.

Even if an item is meant to be big or relaxed, we all have our own preferences. By being knowledgeable about fit and sizing, you can easily know how to purchase clothing online.

Slim Fit

A slim-fit garment is one that is tailored to your body with little to no superfluous fabric. These garments are usually form-fitting and stretchy.

Regular Fit

These are pieces that are close to the body but not too tight. The clothes are meant to be a little loose around the body, but not too loose. Like a suit, it's made to fit the body's natural curves.

Relaxed Fit

Items that are much bigger than a normal fit often give an additional 2" to 4" in chest/bust size than a standard chest/bust size. These outfits are loose-fitting and often baggy.

Oversized Fit

Clothes that are supposed to seem overly big yet are nonetheless put together and appealing. Slouchy, puffy, and unstructured. Because it is made to be big, a garment with an enormous fit is nevertheless true to size. To get a more tailored style, it is possible to go down a size or two, making it more accessible to a wider range of individuals.


When Jewelry Bubble receives information on a product's measurements, we will always share those measurements. Keep in mind that oversized and relaxed clothing will often be several inches bigger than your size dimensions, so keep that in mind while shopping.

Measurements of Size

The measures of the individual that each size will fit are referred to as size measurements. When Jewelry Bubble isn't given specific "Product Measures," we'll supply size measurements as a guide.


Under your arms and around the widest area of your chest, take measurements.


Bend to one side and gently wrap the measuring tape around your torso where the bend is.


Measure around the broadest area of your hips with your feet hip-width apart.


Measure from the top edge of the waist to the lowest edge of your favorite skirt.


Measure from the top inseam to the hem of your favorite pair of pants by laying them flat.

The length of a dress

Your go-to dress should be laid out on a flat surface. Measure from top of shoulder to bottom hem.

To get a good fit, we recommend checking the size chart before ordering. Please also follow the cleaning instructions and ensure that you use the product according to the description. Take care of your apparel so that you can enjoy your collection for a long time.

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