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Robert Dodd handcrafted celluloid rings since 1937, he practiced his craft for over 70 years. Robert used pieces of rare antique celluloid to create his master pieces. Roberts created his masterpieces by using pieces of celluloid, sometimes as many as 150, to design some of the most stunning art pieces. All of his rings were created without the use of a mold or glue. The end product was an incredibly light weight wearable art piece. So rare and fabulous are his creations that they now can be found in display at the National Plastics Center and Museumin Massachusetts. A collectors must have. Mr. Dodd saw the value of the beautiful antique celluloid and being ahead of his time recognized the benefit of paying tribute to this medium by recycling the antique plastic into genuine pieces of art. Every piece is unique mirroring the unique talent of this true 20th century artist. The celluloid rings in the photo are a part of my personal collection.

Robert Dodd celluloid plastic rings - Jewelry Bubble blog


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