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I will not be talking about jewelry on this blog or vintage collectibles. This is my personal blog.  This blog will give you insight into my likes and interests outside of jewelry and vintage collectibles.

My passions include cooking,  baking, good wine, a perfect vodka martini and last but not least my three Yorkies.  I know I mentioned above that this blog is not suppose to be about jewelry but it goes without saying that I am seriously addicted to beautiful jewellery and vintage collectables.  Of value to me as well, over and above the piece itself, is the story behind the seller and why he/she does what they do.  

I'm hoping that this space will provide individuals who are interested in Jewelry Bubble some insight into my world and why the pieces you will find in my shop have made it to my shop. 

This blog is meant to be interactive.  I look forward to reading your valuable comments.

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