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To Pothos or not to Pothos my Neon Lovely House Plant alt image

To Pothos or not to Pothos my Neon Lovely House Plant

All kidding aside I just love this plant. I purchased this beauty, believe it or not, at my local hardware store. This Pothos was a tiny little plant when I first purchased it a few months ago. The color of this beauty is what drew me to it. I love the neon green coloration. I like to think of it as a chartreuse with a little zing.

Firstly, I am extremely proud that it’s still alive. Yes, occasionally some of my plants transition to the other side despite my well intentioned efforts. Nevertheless, this Pothos has not only survived it has also thrived.

I water my Pothos only when the soil has completely dried out in between watering. And, of course give it lots of light and love. I can’t wait to start sharing some cuttings with my friends so that they to can enjoy the beautiful color of this stunning plant.

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