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Blue Mountain Pottery was a Canadian Pottery company founded in 1953 and closed in 2004. It produced various types of pottery, from animal figurines to jugs, pots, vases and lamps. Blue Mountain Pottery has a trademarked glazing process known as "reflowing decorating" which makes it easily recognizable. This process of glazing has the glaze run down the piece creating streaking patterns unique to each piece. Typical colouring used by Blue Mountain Pottery ranged from green, red, mocha and brown hues.

To learn more about Blue Mountain Pottery see: World Collectors Net

Up for sale is this unique Blue Mountain Pottery electric accent lamp. This lamp is hard to come by.  I have sold a lot of BMP piece; however, this is only the second time I have come across this unique design lamp. This lamp measures 12 inches high and 20 inches in diameter. Mint condition.
if you want to purchase this gorgeous and unique BMP electric accent lamp email me your shipping address to determine accurate shopping cost.

$195 USD plus shipping.


Canadian blue mountain pottery electric accent lamp - Vogue Finds 1


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