Dorothy Thorpe Lucite pretzel twists napkin rings

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About Dorothy Thorpe (Designer)

Dorothy Thorpe was a prolific artist of housewares with a flare for the contemporary and a slave to the purity of design. Her designs captured the imagination of the postwar homeowner. Dorothy Thorpe focused on modern and festive designs.

Thorpe was born in Salt Lake City in 1901 and settled in Los Angeles as a young woman. She began creating her signature glassware using the trade name Dorothy Thorpe Originals in the 1930s.

In the 1940's Dorothy discover lucite, producing a line of household items, such as magazine racks, sculptural lamps, candlesticks, wet-bar paraphernalia and umbrella stands. Her designs captured the imagination of the postwar homeowner with her modern and festive designs.

In the 50s Dorothy Thorpe created a glassware line known as Atomic Splash, which featured geometric patterns. The Atomic age was inspiring the design world and Thorpe incorporated that theme in her designs throughout the 50s. Thorpe also delved into ceramics later in her career but is best known for her Lucite and Atomic glasswares.

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