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In 1946 Sol, Paul and Leo Globus, together with their brother in-law Harry Hill, created the Glo Hill Corporation in Montreal, Quebec. Canada. The Globus brothers began their business in Montreal as cutlers and manufactured beautiful carving sets and cutlery. As the business grew Glo Hill began diversifying their product line and began offering chrome hollowware pieces used in home entertaining.

The Glo Hill factory imported materials from factories located along the Eastern Seaboard (USA); such as: Bakelite and many glass components that were being manufactured in expert glass manufactures like McKee, Glasbake and Jeannette Glass.
What sets Glo Hill apart from others was their exquisite designs. Their exquisite designs can still be seen today. Glo Hill was available to all Canadians through many local department stores and it wasn’t unusual to see Glo Hill products in high-end shops.

The Glo Hill Company began to lose its popular edge by the 1970's however the spirit of Glo Hill lives on in the hearts of those who collect the exquisite pieces.

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