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Vintage plastic starburst coaster set of 8 with box - Vogue Finds

Vintage plastic starburst coaster set of 8 with box

While rummaging through thrift and collectible shops it occurred to me that there were quite a few sets of coasters and it got me thinking – where did the concept for coasters originate? Well imagine my surprise when I found out that there is actually a term for collectors of coasters. A coaster collector is a Tegestologist. Tegestology, a term coined from the Latin word ‘teges’ which means covering/mat, means the practice of collecting coasters.

The coaster is a direct descendant of the beermat which were first used in 1880 in Germany. Beermats were used to protect the wooden tables from the condensation of the cold beer glasses and eventually garnered broader application and appreciation. When I look at a coaster I see more than a beermat I see design and advertising memorabilia; So, next time you are out and about rummaging through your neighborhood collectible shop take a closer look and appreciate this utilitarian item for what it was meant to do but more importantly for what it evokes in the consumer.

I came across a great article in Tales of The Cocktail titled “Support Your Drink: A Brief History of the Coaster." If you are curious and want a quick coaster 101 lesson check it out: A Brief History of the Coaster

The vintage plastic coasters featured is a Starburst coaster set with box. The set features 8 amber color plastic coasters and box. The coasters each have a beautiful starburst motif - very mod. This particular set was manufactured by Colony and is genuine Duralite. This attractive coaster set is in good vintage condition with some light wear. Ladies and gentleman set your bars and serve.

Product Specifications

Type: coasters
Style: square
Design: starburst
Material: plastic
Circa: 1960s-70s
Manufacturer: Colony
Condition: vintage previously used
Approximate measurements: 3-1/2 inch square

If you are interested in purchasing these MOD vintage plastic coasters you will need to email me your shipping address so that I can calculate actual shipping cost. Then, should you wish to proceed with this purchase I will email you an invoice which you can check out using PayPal.

$50 USD plus shipping.

Thank you for considering this vintage bar ware on Vogue Finds the blog that sells vintage collectibles on the Jewelry Bubble website. How FAB these coasters will look at your next SWANKY get together.

Tihs item available to Canada and Continental United States.


Vintage plastic starburst coaster set of 8 with box alt image

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