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Cactus Spine Cuff Bangle

SKU 684e5bb4-XS
Color: Silver

This silver cactus spine cuff is a perfect embodiment of the minimalist beauty, shapes, and textures of the desert. I've taken the wide, ribbed spines of a compass barrel cactus and cast them in beautiful, bright silver. Joined together at their bases, the cuff ends taper as the spines come to their points. I like wearing the cuff 'backwards' to feature the points on the outside of my wrist, though the spines' texture shines in either direction. The inside of the cuff retains the spines' texture, as well as my maker's mark and "925" to designate that it's sterling silver.

The spines are 5-6mm across.

Your wrist measurement is a snug measurement of your wrist circumference - your cuff will be looser than your wrist measurement.

Size to Wrist Measurement 

XS - 5.5" // S - 6" // M - 6.5" // L - 7" // XL - 7.5"

Select "Other" for size if you'd like to send your size later or if you'd like to send an exact wrist measurement. Additional information can be included in the Notes box at checkout. Please note that conflicting or missing information may delay your order.

Men - Please note that men's sizes will be artificially exaggerated, since the sizes above are based on women. For instance, a man with a 7" wrist measurement will generally be a size Medium, but should order a size Large to match the wrist measurement. 

Please allow 7 business days to process order in addition to shipping time.

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