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Léa Stein Jewelry

French jewelry designer, Léa Stein (1886-1962), was famous for her creations that were bold, unique, and stunning. Stein’s designs often outshone the outfits of movie stars of the 1940s.  Yes, Lea Stein studios produced costume jewelry for film sets during the era but it was mainly worn by film actresses who loved its glamour.

Every vintage jewelry piece, from the most luxurious designer brands to the best indie shops, deserves to be appreciated. Léa Stein, established her atelier in 1929, specialized in stunning jewelry with avant-garde designs that are both modern and timeless. She claimed that her designs were inspired by “…the lovely curves of women I see daily on the streets.”

The Lea Stein jewelry brand was prominent throughout America in the early 1950s, but despite their popularity at the time, their designs are becoming increasingly difficult to find today. Fortunately, there are many vintage style Léa Stein pieces that still remain hidden in antique stores. These jewels are a unique piece of history: beautifully crafted and with a story all their own.

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