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Elephant Pendant Necklace Solid Sterling Silver

Elephant Pendant Necklace Solid Sterling Silver

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Here is our cute elephant necklace from our . It is hung on an 18" sterling silver chain.

But, what is the significance of the elephant?

Well, an elephant necklace can symbolize a lot of different things. For instance, an elephant is believed to be a symbol of fertility. The elephant is also used as the symbol for the United States Republican Party and has long been used as a charm or totem.

However, this gorgeous sterling silver elephant necklace does not necessarily have to be political. Elephants also symbolize strength, honor, stability, and patience. Wearing a silver elephant necklace is believed to give the wearer strength and patience, as well as good luck.

In Hindu mythology, the elephant is found in the form of Ganesha, who is the god of luck, protection, and fortune.

An elephant necklace has a range of meanings, from expressing good luck, to portraying patience and wisdom, to expressing spiritual protection, and even to representing a political party!

Perhaps, you are looking for a simple gift for a loved one who just loves elephants. You can’t go wrong with this elegantly simple elephant necklace.


--------------------NECKLACE DETAILS--------------------

Metal: Sterling Silver
Chain: 18" sterling silver chain

This is a premium necklace, precision laser cut out of sterling silver (.925 silver).

*If shopping around, please be sure to ask how each piece is produced. Many other products are made with CNC mills which are far less costly and are unable to produce the fine detail that comes from laser cut material*

Please allow 7 business days to process order in addition to shipping time.

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