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3 Floral Wall Decors Bundle

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This set of 3 floral wall hangings will look great on the walls of your kitchen and other rooms.
Also, it can be a great housewarming gift for your family and friends.

General Information:

· Made of 1.5 mm metal sheet.

· Laser cutting is used for metal products.

· The weight of the products varies between 1 - 4 kg (including products with wooden background). Make sure that the hanged place is strong in order not to pose any danger on the applied wall.

· Products stand 10 to 12 mm ahead of the wall.

Note for painted products:

· All of our painted products are baked by spraying with electrostatic powder coating.

In these products, zigzag cuts will be made where the twist is (centered).

· You can color your desired wall with the zigzag cut on the back of the product, which provides convenience for hanging on the wall.

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