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Cactus Spine Ring in Bronze - Bronze Modern Cactus Spine Ring

SKU 7e704d9d

This bronze wrap ring is a perfect embodiment of the minimalist beauty of the desert. The coiled ring is cast from the wide, ribbed cactus spine of a compass barrel cactus in a warm, rosey gold bronze, creating an asymmetrical ring that features the shapes, hues, and textures of the desert. The inside of the ring retains the spine's texture, which makes for a supremely comfortable and breathable ring.

The underside of the ring is stamped with my maker's mark. The spines are 5-6mm across, making the ring up to 10mm tall where it overlaps in smaller sizes, less for larger ones. The ring is not soldered in place, so it can be further resized once received.

Please allow 7 business days to process order in addition to shipping time.

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