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Cactus Spine Silver Bar Pendant Necklace

SKU 3c4063cc

This silver cactus spine necklace is a perfect embodiment of the minimalist beauty of the desert. The vertical bar is cast from the wide, ribbed cactus spine of a compass barrel cactus in a brilliant silver, creating a necklace that features the shapes and textures of the desert. Its point curls around a thin box chain, creating a lovely, minimalist bark necklace. It features the shapes and textures of the desert, which contrasts beautifully against the modern, silver finish. Both sides of the pendant retains the spine's texture.

Available in a range of sizes with spines up to 3" long, with the points up or down (see photo in bronze for spine-down design), and chains up to 32". The model is wearing a 22" chain and 2.75" spine. The backside of the pendant is stamped with my maker's mark. The spines are 5-6mm across.

Also, please note that these are made from cactus spines, and, while I do file the points down, they should still be worn with some caution!

Please allow 7 business days to process order in addition to shipping time.

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