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Everyday Porcelain Camellia Flower Charm Earrings

Everyday Porcelain Camellia Flower Charm Earrings

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We love all the floral-inspired design. These handcrafted porcelain camellia earrings not only can add details for your everyday outfit, but also can perfectly pair with your evening dresses. Earrings are made of porcelain flowers; gold-pated brass; gold-plated silver ear hooks. The mini version - Mini Camellia Flower Charm Earrings, is also available.


  • Handmade porcelain camellia flowers
  • Gold-plated brass
  • Gold-plated silver ear hooks


  • Earring length: 26mm

  • Earring width: 16mm


  • White, gold


  • 5g

 Handmade in Denmark.

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