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Golden Salted Porcelain Pretzel Pendant Necklace

Golden Salted Porcelain Pretzel Pendant Necklace

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Welcome to our bakery, the home of these exclusive golden salted pretzels! No two pretzels are exactly the same. Each has its own unique shape, and all are very tasty. Necklace is made of porcelain pretzel with gold lustre salt, gold-plated brass chain. Necklace is handmade in Denmark.


  • Handmade porcelain pretzel charms with gold lustre salt
  • Gold-plated brass chain


  • Pendant size is slightly varied: approx. 40mm x 50mm
  • Length: 76cm (30'' )


  • White, gold


  • Slightly varied; approx. 21g

 Handmade in Denmark.

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