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Vintage bakelite chunky domed thick wall rootbeer swirl bangle

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Vintage and chunky domed shape with thick wall transparent and heavily marbled tea mixed with apple juice makes for a glowing Bakelite bangle. Intense coloration and marbled with swirls of brown tea, apple juice and rich honey.

Product Specifications

Type: bangle
Style: domed
Design: freeform swirls
Material: Bakelite
Circa: 1930s - 50s
Color: tea, honey, amber, dark brown
Condition: vintage, very good
Approximate measurements: almost an 1 inch wide by over a 1/4 thick by 2-1/2 inches inside standard opening.

Thank you for visiting Jewelry Bubble today. This beautiful vintage Bakelite chunky domed thick wall rootbeer swirl bangle is smooth with a bright and shiny patina. This well crafted vintage Bakelite bangle has a lovely bevelled edge the swirls are really striking to look at when light is shinning through this beautiful bangle.