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Vintage transparent lucite finger ring encased straw flowers


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This circa 1960's vintage transparent lucite ring is gorgeous. The lucite has softly oxidized to warm translucency. Only vintage lucite can do that. The face of this charming ring has an exaggerated height and has embedded straw flowers. The coloration of the straw flowers is pink and purple. This vintage clear Lucite ring is a wonderful example of those vintage Lucite jewelry pieces where flowers or sea shells were encased or embedded in the Lucite.

This vintage Lucite ring with its encased straw flowers is in good condition and is ready to be worn at your next cocktail or dinner party!

Product Specifications

Type: ring
Style: cocktail ring
Design: flower inclusion
Material: Lucite
Circa: 1960s - 70s
Condition: Vintage, very good
Size: 7
Approximate measurements:
Hight: 1/2 inch
Length: 1 inch
Width: 3/4 inch 

Thank you for popping into Jewelry Bubble today. Make this bold and chunky ring your top pick, it's sure to catch attention! Vintage clear acrylic plastics branded as Lucite is popular and never goes out of style. This vintage Lucite ring will make a stunning addition to your jewelry collection.