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March Birthstones, Aquamarine & Bloodstone

The significance of a birthstone as a symbol of identity is so very old. As time passes and civilizations change, so do the meanings associated with these historic gemstones.

Aquamarine and bloodstone are birthstones for March. The structure of birthstone calendars has changed over the years, with specific gemstones changing within and outside the twelve months.

People born in March have a choice between two varieties of stones. Their March birthstones are both romantic and enigmatic, so March newborns are very fortunate to get them.


Despite the fact that aquamarine is not found in the ocean, it is connected with blue water in practically every manner. The name means "water and sea," and the stone's hues span from light blue to dark blue-green, depicting the world's crystal-clear waterways. The March birthstone's stories and legends are likewise intimately linked to sea life and water.

The legend

According to folklore, aquamarines were said to have washed up on the shores of ancient Rome after falling from a siren's jewelry box. Because of the beauty of these stones, Neptune, the deity of the sea, was considered to have a special place in his heart for this stone.

It was long thought that the stone would protect seafarers from danger in the open ocean.

Aquamarine has also long been regarded as a stone of bravery and mental acuity. Also, some say that the wearer of this beautiful stone would be more productive and happy. Aquamarine was formerly thought to be able to provide its wearer with perpetual youth. Additionally, the Romans thought that the stone could treat diseases of the liver, stomach, and esophagus.


Bloodstone — the sister of Aquamarine— is not as popular as it’s delicate sister. Bloodstone is dark green with red splashes of hematite throughout the stone. First named “the sunstone” then renamed “Christ’s Stone” due to historical uses as a symbol of Christ, bloodstone has been officially called heliotrope since 1760.

The legend

If you’re looking for a gemstone that drips with lore, one that has been surrounded by mystery and intrigue for centuries, then bloodstone is the stone for you.

The red flecks in the stone are believed to be the drops of Jesus Christ’s blood as he died on the cross. Because of this, it was long believed that bloodstone possessed amazing powers. The stone was thought to offer clairvoyance benefits and could stop bleeding with a touch to the skin. Medieval magicians believed the stone gave them invisible powers, and ancient folklore told of its ability to create a solar eclipse and bring on elements of powerful storms.

Several people believe that bloodstones can help treat a variety of different illnesses. This stone is said to help its owner get pregnant and keep their hormones in balance. A lot of people think that this stone can help prevent miscarriage, but this is not true. The stone does not actually purify the blood and get rid of toxins from the liver and kidneys.  However, if you want a gemstone that has been steeped in legend and lore, then look no further than bloodstone.


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