Old Celluloid Figural Bird Pin Vibrant Multicolor

Old Celluloid Figural Bird Pin Vibrant Multicolor

Well-made celluloid plastic has always been a popular choice among collectors. Old plastic jewelry, in particular, has become a sought-after item in recent years. For those who appreciate the unique beauty of vintage items, the vintage plastic jewelry is a unique and affordable choice. The design of this figural bird brooch is beautifully executed, and the colors are vibrant.

Much of the appeal of vintage celluloid jewelry is the vibrant or pastel colors used in the hand painting. Much of the jewelry was made in Japan, which was one of the major producers of plastic in the early 20th century. The Japanese companies used the maximum amount of hand painting to create the most eye-catching pieces. This bird brooch is a fine example of the best of this style.

Style notes: This vintage piece of plastic jewelry is a great accent for your outfit. It can be combined with more modern pieces, to give them an unexpected twist.

Brooch has an Asian origin, and is signed on the back in Japan letters. The brooch is in very good vintage condition for the collector of old celluloid jewelry.

You can see this stunning vintage celluloid birds Brooch up close by clicking the link above. This will take you to the product page, where you can read more about the item and also see close-up images. You can also browse the rest of our vintage plastic jewelry collection to find something that appeals to you. We have items in a variety of colors and styles, so you're sure to find something you like.

Aesthetics aside, this brooch is also an affordable and distinctive piece of vintage jewelry for those who enjoy collecting. The vibrant colors that were used in this piece are quite common among early plastic jewelry. With the current trend for bolder color schemes, items like this are even more desirable today than they would have been when they were originally popular. There will never be another item exactly like this one, which makes it a truly unique choice for collectors and fashionistas alike! Here is the link to the: Vintage Painted Celluloid Figural Bird Brooch

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