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Carlos Sobral cone shaped clear resin collar vintage necklace

This hand made Carlos Sobral, international award winning designer, vintage sculpture cone necklace made of a natural light weight resin is quite the find. An early Sobral creation, circa 60s-70s, is classic Sobral. Beautifully executed art on a string. The cluster of sculpted cones create a unique fashion forward look and makes a stunning statement. A collectors must have.

Product Specifications

Type: necklace
Style: single strand cord strung cone shaped beads
Design: pop art modernist
Material: Resin
Brand: Sobral (Carlos Sobral)
Origin: Brazil
Circa: 1960s - 70s
Condition: vintage, excellent
Approximate measurements: 17 inches long end-to-end, falls perfectly around the base of the neck like a collar.

Thank you for visiting Jewelry Bubble today. Sculpted resin cone beads makes a clear statement in soft hues.