The Vibrant Legacy of Rainbow Art Glass: A Nostalgic Journey through Time

The Vibrant Legacy of Rainbow Art Glass: A Nostalgic Journey through Time


Embrace the vibrant hues of the past with us as we journey down memory lane, exploring the captivating saga of Rainbow Art Glass. The story of this unique company, founded by Henry P Manus, a native of Amsterdam, Holland, is as colorful and enchanting as the art glass pieces it once created.

The Vibrant Beginnings:

It all started in the bustling heart of New York in 1940. Passionate about glass and its boundless potential, Henry P Manus embarked on a venture that would eventually redefine the landscape of art glass in America - Rainbow Art Glass Company. A couple of years later, in 1942, the company relocated to Huntington, WV, where it began its operations by painting glass procured from other companies.

The Transition to Self-Produced Glass:

In 1954, Rainbow evolved from merely painting glass to creating their own. They began specializing in the production of hand-blown pitchers, decanters, vases, ashtrays, and candle holders. Each piece, vibrant and unique, reflected the company's artistic prowess and commitment to quality. These wares found their place in leading department and gift stores nationwide, winning the hearts of customers with their vivid colors and meticulous craftsmanship.

The Shift in Ownership:

The year 1973 marked a turning point in the history of Rainbow Art Glass. Viking Glass of New Martinsville, WV, purchased the company, yet continued to uphold the legacy of Rainbow's unique designs. The marriage of these two great companies resulted in some of the most stunning art glass pieces of that era.

The Unfortunate End:

The Rainbow Art Glass era came to a tragic end in 1983 when a devastating fire destroyed the Huntington plant and retail shop. Production was subsequently moved to Viking's New Martinsville plant, marking the end of an era that had significantly influenced the art glass industry.


As we look back, the legacy of Rainbow Art Glass continues to inspire and enchant. Every piece they created is not merely an art glass item, but a vibrant testimony to the company's passion and dedication. Although Rainbow Art Glass may no longer exist, its spirit lives on, reminding us of the beauty that can be created when artistry and passion intertwine.

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