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Art Deco black Bakelite bangle deep carved

Art Deco black Bakelite bangle deep carved

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True black authentic Art Deco Bakelite bangle beautifully carved. A gentle dome with a repetitive pattern around. Circa 1930s Art Deco elegance, understated, oh so chic made of early Bakelite, plastic.

Product Specifications

Type: bangle
Design: Art Deco
Circa: 1930s
Color: black
Material: Bakelite
Condition: vintage, very good
Approximate measurements: 1 mm shy of being 1/2 an inch wide by 1/4 inch dome by 2-1/2 inches standard inside opening.

Thank you for visiting Jewelry Bubble today. Art Deco black Bakelite bangle deep carved circa 1930s. The carving detail is sharp and quite sculptural creating a textural statement. This true black Bakelite bangle's classic design features deeply carved starburst interspersed through the bangle separated by deep carved lattice style design.
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