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Stay Toasty: Ribbed Knit Beanie Hat in Blue

Stay Toasty: Ribbed Knit Beanie Hat in Blue

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Check out this women's winter cuff beanie hat in blue and light blue. It's made of ribbed knit fabric, stretchy to fit, and crafted from 100% acrylic material. One size fits all, and it's super soft and thick for extra warmth.

Product Features: 🌨️👱‍♀️👇

Ribbed Knit Two Tone Fabric: Because winter deserves a touch of drama

One Size, Stretch to Fit: Hats that adapt to your unique style effortlessly

Thick Knit Soft Material: Cozy up without compromising on style

Blue and Light Blue Delight: A dynamic duo for your winter wardrobe

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