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California Pottery Dogwood flower vintage trinket jewelry box

California Pottery Dogwood flower vintage trinket jewelry box

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I can’t seem to find any information on Jan Straaton the artist who handmade this beautiful ceramic jewelry trinket box. Regardless, as per the label on the piece this ceramic jewelry box was handmade by Jan Straaton and in California.

Jan Straaton was most probably one of the stable artists at one of the California Potteries. California had many potteries however the top five in the 20th century were: Vernon Kilns, J.A. Bauer Pottery, Metlox Potteries, Pacific Potteries, Pacific Clay Products and Gladding, McBean and Co...

All of these Potteries operated within what is known as the Los Angeles Basin. The first to set up shop was Gladding in 1875 with the youngest being Vernon Kilns who began its operations in 1931. Unfortunately only Gladding and Pacific Clay Products remains as active Potteries today.

This vintage handmade ceramic jewelry/trinket box has two beautiful dimensional Dogwood tree blooms on the lid. The coloration used on this piece is reminiscent of the thirties and fifties, mint green and black. You will also notice that the jewelry/trinket box is also texturized adding dimension and interest to the piece. You can use this vintage ceramic box for jewelry or trinkets or as a décor accessory in your home.

Product Specifications

Brand: California Pottery
Type: jewelry/trinket box
Design: dimensional Dogwood tree blooms
Material: ceramic
Circa 1930's - 1950's
Colors: minty-green, black
Condition: no chips, co cracks, no grazing or repairs
Approximate measurements: L: 5-1/4 inches H (with cover): 2-1/8 inches W: 4 inches.

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