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Clear resin encased red vintage Lucite bangle

Clear resin encased red vintage Lucite bangle

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A high quality lucite bangle that features a stunning red glossy coloration. The interior of this bangle is contrasted with an off-white finish. Then this bangle has a beautiful clear resin coating.

Product Specifications

Type: bangle
Style: chunky, thick, heavyweight
Design: tapering asymmetric
Color: red, off-white, clear
Material: resin, Lucite
Condition: vintage, very good
Approximate measurements: 1-3/4 inch wall height at the widest point by tapering to 1 inch at the narrowest by 2-1/2 inch standard inside opening.

Thank you for visiting Jewelry Bubble today. This gorgeous chunky, wide asymmetrical bangle is cherry-red in color. It has a nice gently curved irregular asymmetrical form and is large and generous in size and shape. Good solid weight and is seamless. Some irregularity to the lamination on the inside which is part of the manufacture mostly not noticeable on the wrist. The entire Bangle is smooth to the touch and shiny. I think this clear resin encased red vintage Lucite bangle will definitely make a fabulous statement on your wrist.
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