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Colorful laminated lucite statement ring

Rainbow layers of lucite deliciousness. This circa 1960s sliced laminated Lucite ring is stunning and boldly constructed. Vibrant layers of mauve, purple, blue, green, yellow and red - Oh My! You will love this ring. Unique and sure to be a conversation piece.

Product Specifications

Type: ring
Style: playful
Design: laminated
Color: multiple
Circa: 1960s - 70s
Material: Lucite
Size: 6
Condition: vintage, very good
Approximate measurements: 1 inch wide by 3/8 inch profile by 1 inch from top to shank base.

Thank you for visiting Jewelry Bubble today. I think this bold and beautiful multiple color vintage plastic, LUCITE statement ring will add a touch of MOD design to your unique look.