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Dimensional dragon bangle intricate design

Dimensional dragon bangle intricate design

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Dimensional dragon bangle intricate design from the highest quality hard plastic. This bangle is an enchanting piece of jewelry. The inner surface of the bangle is flat and smooth and comfortable against the skin. The outer surface is intricately carved giving the bangle a great textured feel and look. This wide bangle works perfectly as a single statement piece and coordinates well with a chic contemporary look.

The intricately and deeply carved dragon bangle depicts two dragons intertwining themselves throughout the circumference of the entire bangle giving it a three dimensional look and the perception of movement. The scales are meticulously carved adding to it's uniqueness. The monochromatic coloration of this bangle makes it very versatile and will wear well over the years. I think you will really appreciate this piece of jewelry for many years to come.

Product Specifications

Type: bangle
Style: figural motif
Material: plastic
Condition: excellent
Approximate measurements: width 1-3/4 inch by depth 1/4 inch by inside opening 2-1/2 inch

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