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Fenton Art Glass Vessel of Gems Pitcher

Fenton Art Glass Vessel of Gems Pitcher

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Fenton art glass vessel of gems pitcher also known as vasa murrhina. This is a great example of American glassware of variegated blue/green color with metallic sparkling particles of micro gold inclusions a technique known as aventurine. I think this piece will make a nice addition for your collection.

Product Specifications

Type: pitcher

Style: decorative

Design: cased, applied handle, ribbed body, scalloped mouth 

Composition: glass

Origin: USA

Brand: Fenton

Circa: 1964-1968

Color: white, clear, blue, green, gold

Note: stunning in sunligh

Condition: vintage, excellent

Approximate measurements: 5-3/4 inches high by 2-1/4 inch base by 2-1/2 inch mouth opening.

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