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Galliano Ferro Murano Glass Paperweight Owl

Galliano Ferro Murano Glass Paperweight Owl

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Introducing the exquisite Galliano Ferro Murano Glass Paperweight Owl, a masterpiece of Italian art glass craftsmanship. This stylized owl figurine is meticulously crafted from rich amber-colored glass, featuring rare caned Murrine eyes that captivate with their intricate detailing. Swags of blue glass, reminiscent of feathers, adorn the owl's body, adding a touch of elegance and artistic flair. The paperweight boasts a polished pontil, a testament to the skilled glassblowing techniques employed in its creation. Although the original label on the base is no longer legible, the exceptional quality and attention to detail leave no doubt about its authentic Italian origins. This vintage masterpiece is in excellent condition, making it a remarkable addition to any art glass collection.

Factors to Consider: 👇

As each piece is handmade, slight imperfections are normal and contribute to the unique qualities of each art glass piece. Minor spots, bumps, drips, scratches, bubbles, and small variations in size, pattern, color, or surface are not considered defects in handmade mouth-blown studio glass art; these are normal occurrences. They are the distinguishing marks that make each piece of handmade studio art glass as unique as a fingerprint. No two pieces are exactly alike.

Actual colors may vary: This is due to computer monitors displaying colors differently and everyone can see these colors differently. We try extremely hard to ensure our photos are as life-like as possible, but please understand the actual color may vary slightly from your monitor.

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