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Glass Coquille Bowl Upward Swept Design

Glass Coquille Bowl Upward Swept Design

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The upward swept form adds elegance and fluidity to this beautiful emerald green art glass piece. The design known as “Coquill” is highly memorable and collectible. The rich emerald green transitions into a bluish hue and eventually into a clear finishing. Like most Coquille glass bowls the base is the epicenter of the color intensity and as the design flares up into the Coquill design the colored lawyers transition into lighter shades. 

The Coquill design, which means shell, was popularized by Kedelev and was made until the late 60’s.

Product Specifications

Type: center piece

Style: shell

Design: Coquille

Composition: glass

Condition: vintage, very good, no chips/cracks, some faint surface scratches consistent with age on the base.

Approximate measurements: 10 inches high by 8 inches wide by 2-1/2 inches at the base.

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