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Guerlain perfume vintage glass bottle

Guerlain perfume vintage glass bottle

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Guerlain perfume vintage glass bottle made in France. Chamade was created by Paul Guerlain in 1969, and it was inspired by the Francoise Sagan's novel “La Chamade”. In the time of Napoleon, ‘chamade’ was a very fast drumbeat that called to retreat. This perfume is meant to emulate the heavy heartbeat of a person in love and its fragrance is based on hyacinth flowers, fruit, with hints of vanilla and oriental notes.

This stunning heart shaped Guerlain perfume vintage glass bottle is harder to find because it's a unique Factice known as a display bottle. But, you already know that by wanting to take the time to read this post. So, as a collector I know you appreciate fine crafted perfume bottles such as this one by Guerlain. Did you know that Guerlain is one of the oldest French perfume makers founded circa 1828. In the near future I hope visit the House of Guerlain.

Chamade is clearly printed in gold color on this elegant teardrop shape stopper and is finished with vintage plastic around the neck of the stopper. It is sealed and wrapped with gold color string at the top. I have not opened this perfume bottle. I don't think it's a good idea to tamper with vintage items because you risk potential damage. Play it safe and enjoy this vintage Guerlain perfume bottle to enhance your life and home with beautiful objects. This vintage glass perfume bottle is heart-shaped with a ribbed design which gives texture and dimension. This unique perfume bottle is clear with a gold film inside to make it appear that it is full. But, make no mistake this Chamade perfume bottle is completely empty. Base, made in France. It has the original label and is marked Guerlain as seen on the photo.

Product Specifications

Type: empty perfume bottle 
Style: heart shaped 
Design: Paul Guerlain
Material: glass
Circa: 1969
Condition: vintage, very good no chips 
Approximate measurements: width 3 inches by height 6-1/4 inches by depth 1-1/4 inches

Thank you for visiting Jewelry Bubble. I hope you enjoyed knowing and looking at this Guerlain perfume vintage glass bottle. This beautiful vintage vanity accessory would a beautiful statement in your home.

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