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Opalescent-white Milk Glass Tumblers - Vintage

Opalescent-white Milk Glass Tumblers - Vintage

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Product Specifications

Type: tumblers

Style: shabby-chic

Design: gracefully tapering down

Composition: glass

Color: iridescent/opalescent milk-white towards the mouth opening of the glassware (you can see it in the photos). The rest the body of the glass is milk glass. 

Quality: 6 for this listing

Note: these would be a very versatile collection because you can use them as juice glasses, serving dessert or imagine cabbage-roses in the tumblers on a runner for a striking floral statement on your dining table.

Condition: vintage, excellent (means not perfect. I have a very difficult time saying that an antique or vintage collectables is perfect).

Approximate measurements: 3 1/2 inches tall

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