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Rare Vintage Ceramic Man on Toilet Figural

Rare Vintage Ceramic Man on Toilet Figural

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This whimsical vintage ceramic figurine is a must have in your bathroom (a unique conversation piece wall mount.) This original ceramic figurine depicting a man in a toilet, with the engraving “Good-Bye Cruel World”, with one hand on the flush chain.  A whimsical collector's item from many decades ago.  Remains highly sought after by people searching for unique finds for their vintage collectibles or to give as a gift for that special person who has everything but this piece. Paint is in excellent condition and this is a relatively rare find. It still has the original "Japan" paper label on bottom.

Product Specifications

Type: figurine

Style: whimsical

Design: three dimensional wall mounted or standing

Composition: ceramics

Maker: NAPCO originals, By Giftcraft

Origin: Japan

Condition: It is a vintage piece and therefore has not been clean. Some people like the patina and some don’t but will leave that to the new owner to decide. Otherwise the piece is in good condition.

Approximate measurements: H: 5”, W: 3”, D: 4”

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