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Accessorize with Red & White Pearl Bracelet: Order Today

Accessorize with Red & White Pearl Bracelet: Order Today

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This red and white pearl bracelet includes a silver metal bar connector and four strands of various-sized faux pearls. The bracelet is designed to stretch for a comfortable fit and measures 1.65" in width.

Product Features: 💋👱‍♀️👇

  • Colors: The bracelet beautifully displays red and white colors with flair and style.
  • Silver-tone Metal Bar Connector: Adorned with a silver metal bar connector.
  • Four Strands: Assorted size acrylic faux pearls create a dynamic and layered aesthetic, adding depth and visual appeal to the bracelet's design.
  • Stretch-to-Fit Design: Designed for comfort, the stretch-to-fit design ensures that the bracelet adjusts effortlessly to your wrist, providing a snug and comfortable fit.

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