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Unveil Elegance with Our Stunning Drop Acorn Green Gold Earrings

Unveil Elegance with Our Stunning Drop Acorn Green Gold Earrings

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Unveil elegance with our stunning drop acorn green gold earrings. These women's drop earrings showcase round gold-tone textured metal leaf design posts with green bubbled and marbled resin displaying an acorn-shaped drop resin and gold detail. They feature post backings and have natural color variations. The earrings are compliant with lead regulations.

Acorn Earrings Key Features: ❤️👱‍♀️👇

Unique Leaf Design Posts: Crafted in a textured, gold-tone metal, these earrings start with an exquisite leaf design that adds a touch of nature's elegance right at your earlobe.

Green Marbled Resin Drops: Each earring boasts a green, bubbled, and marbled resin acorn-shaped drop that dangles beautifully, offering a pop of color and uniqueness to your look.

Gold Detailing: The acorn-shaped drop is accented with gold details, enhancing the overall elegance of these earrings and ensuring they stand out.

Post Backings: Designed for ease of use, these earrings come with post backings that ensure they stay secure, no matter where your day takes you.

Natural Color Variations: Thanks to the natural color variations in the resin, each pair of earrings is unique, ensuring that your accessory is truly one-of-a-kind.

Lead Regulation Compliant: Safety is as important to us as style. These earrings are compliant with lead regulations, giving you peace of mind along with a fabulous look.

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