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Vibrant faceted wide statement vintage chunky bangle

Vibrant faceted wide statement vintage chunky bangle

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Captivating chunky vintage Lucite bangle featuring an impressive diamond faceted dome. The coloration is striking and playful. The translucent diamond facets create colorful prisms that deflect light throughout the bangle changing the color of the entire bangle every time you move. An interesting color composition for this style of bangle. The quality and luster of this bangle is beautiful.

Product Specifications

Type: bangle
Style: slips on
Design: diamond faceted dome
Material: Lucite, plastic
Color: purplish-blueish tones
Condition: vintage, excellent
Approximate measurements: standard 2-1/2 inch inside opening by 1-1/2 inches wide by 1/2 inch depth.

Thank you for visiting Jewelry Bubble today. This Art Deco style vibrant purplish-blueish faceted Lucite bangle is wide, translucent and has a smooth on the inside and a fabulous diamond cut design on the outside. Allows for light to bounce beautifully.
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