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Vintage cha cha flapper dog pin

Vintage cha cha flapper dog pin

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Adorable handcrafted articulated jointed paper dog pin. This jewelry style is popularly known as a 'Jumping Jack' in the United States. However, this design style originated in France in the late 19th century and is known as 'Pantins.'

The 'Pantin' featured here is a stylized figural of a dog dressed to look like a human. She is beautifully dressed and appointed with a single strand bead necklace. Pantins are made by using smooth Bristol cardboard. Each piece is coated with a clear gloss and are assembled using metal fasteners' strung with embroidery thread. Pantins are typically coated with clear gloss and painted with acrylic paint. Because Pantins are handcrafted no two pieces look precisely alike. Pull the tail to make the arms and legs move.

A conversation piece for sure. Pin on your jacket or your bag and have some fun.

Product Specifications

Type: pin
Style: figural
Design: movable limbs
Material: coated cardboard
Color: multi
Circa: 1991
Condition: excellent
Approximate measurements: 3 inches high by 2 inches wide

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