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Vintage chunky geometric fire engine red bangle

Vintage chunky geometric fire engine red bangle

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Stunning vintage plastic Art Deco style bangle made in West Germany. The coloration, a vibrant fire engine red, of this bangle is an eye catcher as is the deep vertical Art Deco style accent carvings in two elongated areas which add texture and dimension to the piece.

This beautiful bangle dates anywhere between 1945 to 1985 however the style and color suggests that it's circa 1940's - 50's. The bangle is in very good condition and only has one manufacturing anomaly which barely noticeable but want to be transparent should you choose to purchase this stunning piece.

Product Specifications

Type: bangle
Style: vibrant
Design: Art Deco
Color: red
Circa: 1945 - 1985
Material: plastic
Condition: vintage, good
Approximate measurements: 2-1/2 inches inside opening by having a depth of just over 1/4 of an inch.
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