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Vintage Foil Art Shirley Temple Like Majorette Under Glass

Vintage Foil Art Shirley Temple Like Majorette Under Glass

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Foil art a popular art technique practiced between 1920 and 1970. I would estimate that this exquisite sample is one of the early pieces as the inscription on the back is dated ‘1946’. The techniques used to make these foil painted images really are quite eye-catching and the glittery shimmer of these pieces is not always evident when the items are photographed.

This vintage piece features a young Shirley Temple like young girl drum majorette tossing her baton. The primary colours, cherry red and aqua green, simmer and add depth to this sweet portrayal of a bygone era. The item is simply framed with a green paper tape.

Product Specifications

Type: art
Style: foil-art
Design: majorette figure
Material: foil, cardboard, tape, glass
Condition: There are some very slight scratches to the glass and paper frame on this item.
Approximate measurements: 10 by 6 inches.
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