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Bakelite prayer beads vintage necklace

Bakelite prayer beads vintage necklace

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While meandering through an antique and collectible street market in Southern California I spotted this beautiful strand of beads and became instantly intrigued. Upon further investigation I realized I was holding a vintage string of prayer/worry beads. Prayer or worry beads, however you choose to put them to use, have been around for centuries. However, it is 2017, so one can use them for their traditional purpose or wear them as a necklace and make your own fashion statement.

This beautiful vintage (circa 1940) bakelite strand of barrel shaped beads is securely strung. Visually, the rich caramel coloration of the beads evoke a feeling of serenity. The smooth drum design of each bead also lends to the tactility of serenity.

Product Specifications

Type: necklace
Style: strung barrel beads
Material: 10 millimeters Bakelite beads
Metal: alloy
Circa: 1940s
Condition: vintage very good
Approximate measurements: 22 inches from clasp-to-clasp

Thanks for looking at this eye-catching Bakelite necklace made with drum shaped vintage Bakelite beads.

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